The Ultimate Guide to Bachelorette Party Decorations in PGH

Congrats! You’ve been tasked with one of the most important events leading up to the wedding—the bachelorette party. Not to add any pressure (Well, a little pressure), but planning this day for the bride-to-be is a huge deal. Whether you’re the MOH or part of her bridesmaids’ tribe, it’s up to you to bring the fun, festivities, and, of course, drinks. One way to ensure the party is a memorable time for the bride and her gals is to invest in stylish party decor. 

From Instagram-worthy backdrops to personalized drinking glasses, bachelorette party decorations can make or break the event. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! We’ve created the ultimate guide to bachelorette party decorations in Pittsburgh, PA, including a list of must-have decorations, tips, and how-tos. 

Four girls clinking drinks in pink pajamas

8 Must-Have Bachelorette Decorations

1. Custom Signage

Go sign crazy. Create personalized signs for every aspect of the night or weekend: one to welcome guests to the party, another to announce brunch and the menu, and a third to list custom bride-inspired cocktails.

2. Custom Balloon Wall

When the guest of honor walks into that hotel room or winery, you want them to feel special. What better way to do it than a custom balloon wall? This showstopper is sure to get everyone in the party mood. 

2. Confetti Poppers

As the bride walks through the balloon arch, pop those confetti poppers to welcome her. This will make for an incredible Instagram Boomerang. Poppers are also great decorations to take on the road. Reignite the party atmosphere at the winery, the spa, or the bar.

Five girls dancing on a bed with rainbow confetti and balloons

4. Letter Balloons

Spell out the mood you want to set. Use giant letter balloons to add words such as “Bride” or “Cheers.” Another fun use? Have the balloons spell out the bride’s new last name or her wedding hashtag. 

5. Diamond Piñata

Bring back the joy of your youth with a whimsical diamond ring piñata. Fill it with candy ring pops, drink cozies, playful straws, games, and other goodies to use throughout the occasion. 

6. Bride-to-Be Banners

Deck the hotel room—or your living room—with banners that make a statement. From cheeky puns to fairy tale references, choose the banner that fits your theme and your bride’s personality.

Bride-to-be sign on the wall

7. Personalized Drinking Glasses & Koozies

Personalized drinking glasses and cozies may be small details, but they pack a big impact. Get a special cup or glass for your bride that announces her upcoming nuptials. Provide the rest of the bachelorette party with crew cups that say things like “the I Do Crew” or simply “Bridesmaids.”

8. Photo-worthy Balloon Arch

It’s all about the photos—and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Create a custom balloon arch to serve as the background for the images you take, leaving Instagram followers envious of an invite. 

Balloon circle backdrop with white and rose gold balloons

3 Bachelorette Party Decoration Idea Tips

1. Coordinate a Color & Theme

To successfully decorate any Bachelorette party, start with a theme. Sticking to one subject or color scheme will ensure you don’t just throw a bunch of clashing decorations in a room and call it a day. It also creates a cohesive and luxurious look. 

Color schemes options include pastels, pink, or the bride’s wedding colors. You’ll want to stick to one to three colors. 

If the bride is really into certain subjects such as Harry Potter, you may want to go all-in on a Harry Potter-themed bachelorette party, complete with house colors, a sorting hat, and other decorative features. Other popular themes include fairytale, tropical and mermaid, glamping, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or ‘80s.

2. Know When to DIY

When planning a Bachelorette party, it’s important to understand when you should DIY a decoration and when you shouldn’t. Embellishments like signage, banners, confetti, and centerpieces are easily craftable, but balloon arches and walls will require professionals. So, explain what you want and let the pros work their magic. 

3. Plan for the Hotel Room & the Venue

Decorations should extend outside of the hotel room and into the venue. This means you’ll need to provide to-go decorations such as cups, cozies, straws, sunglasses, sashes, crowns, and more to keep the party flowing into the bar, winery, or spa. 

Three girls pouring wine into glasses in bed

How to Decorate a Hotel Room for a Bachelorette Party

If your party is staying at a hotel for the weekend, it’s time to turn that dull room into a bachelorette haven. You want to create an energetic vibe for all guests, so make sure you add decorations to every booked room. 

As the planner, you’ll want to arrive at the hotel before the rest of the guests—especially the bride-to-be—to begin transforming every room. Ask a few other guests to join you to make the experience more immersive. These hours before others show up are when you should schedule professionals to deliver any grand supplies such as balloon arches or walls. 

As you go through the rooms, try to turn every aspect into a festive decoration—without wrecking the room of course. Add cute door hangers that say things like “Bride tribe inside,” hang banners, add streamers, balloons and confetti, toss around feather boas and sashes, set up drink and snack stations, and create a favor and games table. 

Quick tip: Don’t forget to bring tape, scissors, and string so you can easily mount decorations on the wall without causing damage to the room. Command hooks are also a must when adding temporary decor.

Best Place to Buy Bachelorette Party Supplies in PGH

Hudson Event Design is the perfect Pittsburgh, PA, business for all your bachelorette party balloon needs. We can create customized balloon arches in multiple sizes, giant balloon letters for spelling out messages to the bride-to-be, balloon columns, photo-worthy balloon walls, and garland. 

To design a bachelorette party balloon decoration, request a quote today!

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