How the Helium Shortage Birthed a New Balloon Trend

So, there’s a helium shortage. Actually, there’s been three global helium shortages in the last fourteen years. The supply ebbs and flows, so it’s often difficult to predict its market price. While helium is the third most abundant element in the universe, we’re burning through our supply way faster than it’s naturally producing. Why, you ask? To simplify a very complex topic: it’s nontoxic, nonflammable, and has the lowest boiling point of all elements, so it’s scientists’ and medical professionals’ go-to. It’s used in rocket engines, MRI scans, scuba tanks, and, most importantly, party balloons.
It’s helium's importance to live-saving medicine and technological development that makes it such a hot commodity. If these professionals were forced to use alternative solutions to helium, it would have lasting ramifications for the efficiency of their research, the price of our medical bills, and so much more. That’s why veteran event coordinators and novice party planners alike are rethinking their decorations. Not only are helium prices rising well beyond the average birthday party budget, consumers understand that they can play a small part in reducing the helium crisis by opting to other, even more eye-catching balloon installations.
Forget what you know about balloons, because they don’t need to float to be the centerpiece of your party. The lack of helium led to real innovation within the balloon industry, as sellers needed a more prominent way to market their product and party coordinators needed a way to still add that pop of color to their venues. And thus, we entered the balloon revolution. Let’s dive into just three trends that emerged from the helium shortage, and that are here to stay. 

A woman holding a multi-colored cluster of balloons
Balloon Arches, Garlands, & Tunnels
Balloon arches, garlands, and tunnels are a gorgeous addition to any venue, big and small, and they all add a unique aesthetic and can compliment the theme of your event like no helium-balloon could ever dream of. Welcome guests into your venue with a standout balloon arch that sets the scene before they even step through the front door. Transport guests into another world (or just another room), with lavish balloon tunnels that add a sense of wonder and mystique.
A pink balloon arch with a red bow
Add decadent balloon garlands anyway at your party that you want to draw people’s eyes, like your main stage, cookie table, or the edge of your dance floor. The best part about any of these options is that they last for up to a week, much longer than traditional helium balloons
A pink balloon backdrop set-up
A pink and red balloon garland in the show
Mosaic Balloons
Mosaic balloons are a fun yet functional addition to your party, perfect for birthday parties, gender reveal parties, or any other themed event. They’re built in structured frames that are designed to use balloons to form a number, shape, or image.
A rainbow mosaic balloon with clouds and raindrops
Image provided from Creative Heart Studio
Looking to replace your helium-filled 21st birthday balloons? Mosaic balloons are the perfect solution: totally Instagrammable and even more personalized, as you can select your own color and size. Planning a high school reunion for the graduating class of 2010? Four simple mosaic balloons are all you need to have your classmates splashing the event all over social media. No matter what age you are or type of partying your hosting, these mosaics are guaranteed to be a hit. 
Pink, peach, and white balloons that says 21
Image provide from Creative Heart Studio
Check out the best Mosaic Templates from Creative Heart Studio!
Balloon Walls
If you’re looking for the perfect accent wall for your venue, a totally Instagram-worthy backdrop, or just a unique addition to your decorative vision, a balloon wall is the perfect solution.
A pink, purple, and blue photo wall
Dramatic and breathtaking, this modern take on balloon decor inexpensive and a huge crowd pleaser. They’re a must-have if you’re looking to make your venue more festive, as you can customize the size, shape, and color scheme to perfectly fit your wedding, graduation, birthday, or pointless party. Plus, their light design makes them easy to move and break down at the end of the night, so you can spend list time cleaning and more time reveling in the aftermath of a successful event!
Two girls in front of pink, blue, and purple photo wall
The helium shortage has had an unmistakable and lasting effect on the balloon industry, as it forced party planners to get creative with their inflatable decor. While helium balloons were a classic staple of any momentous occasion, balloon arches, garlands, walls, and everything in between are transforming the role of balloons. They’re more elegant, creative, and versatile than ever before, and make the perfect addition to any event. 
Want to take your own balloon decor to the next level? Check out our gorgeous balloon arches, mosaics, walls, and so much more today!

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