Best Places in Pittsburgh to Propose for Every Couple

As the world begins to reopen, everyone is starting to get excited about future events, weddings included! Many weddings were canceled and proposals postponed during the pandemic, but now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to start planning again. If you’re thinking of getting engaged in the near future, here are a few tried-and-true Pittsburgh spots to make it a night to remember.

A man holding a woman's hand with an engagement ring

1. The City of Bridges

With Pittsburgh boasting the most bridges of anywhere in the world, you have 446 places to propose! If you and your special someone live in Pittsburgh, there’s a good chance you’ve crossed one of these bridges together at some point, maybe even walking to (or home from) a particularly special date. With the lights of the city surrounding you and the rivers below, these bridges make an extraordinary proposal spot. 

A bridge proposal would be great for: couples on a budget or couples who want a more lowkey (but still magical) proposal. 

A bridge in Downtown Pittsburgh

2. Mount Washington

Mount Washington is the home to one of the most gorgeous spots to view the city, at the overlook. Although it’s breathtaking at any time of day, it’s especially stunning at night when the lights are visible, and there is a more romantic feel to the air. If you’re looking for a proposal indoors with more of an audience, The Lamont and Monterey Bay offers delicious food and unforgettable views.

A Mount Washington proposal would be great for: couples who want a dramatic proposal or couples who want a nice dinner afterward. 

Downtown Pittsburgh

3. Gateway Clipper

The Gateway Clipper Fleet features a cruise called the Sunset Dinner Cruise, which is a perfect place to propose. This riverboat is not only a Pittsburgh staple but offers incredible views of the city while you’re on the water. In the summertime, you can stand on the top deck of the boat and watch the sunset with your partner. The dreamy atmosphere creates a seamless proposal spot with the city where you fell in love all around you. 

A Gateway Clipper proposal would be great for: couples who enjoy all things nautical or want the whole wine-and-dine-and-dance experience with their proposal.

The Gateway Clipper in Downtown Pittsburgh

4. Pittsburgh Parks

For the outdoorsy couple, Pittsburgh has plenty of scenic parks that offer an unbeatable background for a proposal. The overlook at Schenley Park is a popular spot for couples to set up a picnic blanket and spend the evening together. You can catch the sunset there most nights, and it’s a serene spot for you to pop the question. Then afterward, you can celebrate by popping champagne from a picnic basket! 

A park proposal would be great for: outdoor lovers or a private proposal. 

The Point in Downtown Pittsburgh

Whether you’re looking for a lowkey proposal or want to pop the question with some flare, Hudson Event Design offers a variety of design services and products to help take your proposal to the next level. An outdoor proposal calls for our balloon arches with floral detailing, and our garlands would make a statement at an indoor proposal. Don’t worry - we’ll handle all the details so you can focus on your soon-to-be fiancé, your ring, and your nerves.

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