Balloon Garlands: Everything you Need to Know About This Poppin’ Party Decoration

It seems that everywhere you look today—Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook—friends, family, and acquaintances are throwing soirées with grand balloon garlands of all shapes, sizes, and colors. These elegant and fun decorations typically adorn a wall, trim a flower wall backdrop for Instagram-worthy pictures, or hang over various props or displays. The sight of such a poppin’ party decoration is enough to make guests gasp and exclaim a joyous, “Wow!” 

So, where is everyone getting balloon garlands? They’re either making it themselves (DIY balloon garland) or purchasing it from experienced balloon artists who deliver and install such decor. Want to learn more? We have all the info on this statement piece. 

How to Make a Balloon Garland

Making your own balloon garland may seem intimidating at first—especially with all of the professional-looking decorations on Pinterest—but balloon garland can be built in a few simple steps. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Balloon Garland Tape or Twine (You can create the garland one of two ways: tape or twine. The one you choose depends on your preference.)
  • Hand or Electric Balloon Pump
  • Glue Dots
  • Balloons of all Sizes and Colors (The number of balloons you use will depend on the size of the garland you’re looking to make.)
A collage of the supplies you'll need: an electric pump, a hand pump, glue dots, and balloon garland tape

TIP: To make the process even easier, purchase a DIY balloon garland kit, which will come with everything you need. 

Step 1: Inflate Balloons

Simply inflate your balloons using the hand or electric pump. Balloon garland balloons can only be air-filled. After, lay out the balloons in the design you’re looking to achieve. Measure and cut the twine or balloon tape to your desired size, leaving several additional feet just in case. 

A pile of balloons waiting to be blown up with a hand pump blowing up one pink balloon

Step 2: Attach Balloons

If you’re using twine, cut 3-inch pieces for each balloon, tie it around the base of the balloon knot with a single knot, and finally, tie each around the longer piece of twine with a double knot. Slide each balloon toward the front until the garland appears full. 

For those using balloon tape, simply attach the larger balloons to the tape, pulling the base knot through the tape hole to lock it into place. Then, attach the smaller balloons to the larger ones using glue dots. 

TIP: Ensure the balloons are tightly pressed together to avoid gaps. 

Step 3: Add in Extras

Add in eucalyptus or flowers to create a sophisticated appearance. Simply attach each piece with twine.

A white balloon garland with eucalyptus and white flowers attached into it

Step 4: Hang Balloon Garland

You’ve finished designing your balloon garland so now it’s time to hang it! We’ll discuss exactly how in the next section.

A woman standing on a step ladder and hanging up a metallic purple, blue and silver balloon garland

How to Hang a Balloon Garland

To hang a balloon garland, just use the tail end of the tape or twine to hang it on screws or adhesive hangers. If you don’t have enough tape or twine, just add more! Secure both ends of the garland, while letting the rest hang. You can also choose to adhere the garland to glue dots or tape attached directly to the wall. 

Which Is Better?: DIY Balloon Garland vs. Balloon Artist Creation

The answer is “It depends.” When deciding between DIY-ing or purchasing balloon garland, consider budget, time, and craftiness. Typically, purchasing a fully-built balloon garland will cost a bit more than DIY. However, it’s pre-built and the creator will likely deliver it to your event and set it up so you don’t have to lift a finger. While DIY kits are more budget-friendly, they will take time to create and involve a certain level of craftiness. 

To sum it up:

DIY Balloon Garland

  • Pro: You can exercise your creative side. 
  • Con: It may take a few hours to piece it together. 
  • Pro: It’s budget-friendly. 

Pre-Created Balloon Garland

  • Pro: Balloon artists who specialize in the craft will create the decoration. 
  • Con: It’s a bit more expensive than DIY.
  • Pro: You’ll save time. 

The Most Creative Balloon Garland Ideas

Check out some of these creative balloon garland ideas on Pinterest. Maybe they can inspire some designs for your next event!

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This eucalyptus, cream, and white balloon garland is perfect for bridal showers, baby showers or weddings. When added to a flower or greenery wall, it’s a great backdrop for all your Instagram pictures, too!

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Turn any sweet sixteen, baby shower, or birthday party into a hot-pink extravaganza with this stunning balloon garland. 

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Having a luau or tropical-themed party? This balloon garland is sure to turn heads.

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Balloon garlands are great accessories for dessert carts or bars, drawing every guests’ attention to the day’s drinks and treats. 

How Hudson Event Design Can Make Your Balloon Garland Dreams Come True

Hudson Event Design can turn your balloon garland dreams into reality. From DIY garland kits to full service balloon garland creation, Hudson Event Design has everything you need to make your next event extra special. Our balloon artists can help you choose a DIY balloon garland kit perfect for any budget or skill level. Or they can work with you to design and deliver a magnificent piece of balloon art so you don’t have to do a thing!

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