Balloon Decor Color Palettes That'll Never Get Old

Choosing the right color palette for your event can be a difficult task. Sure, you can take the celebrant's favorite color into consideration, but there's more to this task than just finding balloons of different shades of purple, for example. 

To do this right, you need to consider what colors evoke certain emotions, and also how these colors will look against the backdrop of where you are having your event. 

Need ideas for choosing a color palette for your balloon decor? Take a look at this list of balloon decor color palettes for your next party or event!

A bohemian tent with a neutral balloon garland going up the side of it.

  1. Boho Chic Balloon Decor Color Palette

Yes, boho chic is still in fashion, and you can use it as an inspiration for your balloon decor too! 

This aesthetic remains to be one of the best choices, especially in today's neutral-obsessed modern tastes. Totally understandable too— it stands for everything eclectic, carefree, and relaxed. A bohemian-inspired color palette is perfect for a garden party. It brings the outdoors in, and infuses your event with plenty of natural tones! 

Balloon colors that you can use: deep browns, beige, grays, and greens as main colors, and then accentuate these with fiery orange or electric blue. 

The style's distinctiveness comes from the way it mixes and layers colors.

A white and old balloon garland on a porch with string lights.

2. White Balloon Decor Color Palette

Who says that white has to be boring and monotonous? When done right, a dozen white balloons can be the perfect accent pieces for your event.  

A white balloon decor color palette is ideal for a minimalistic event. It has plenty of chic appeal, and it's truly versatile too! Place them on different areas around the venue to give your space more dimension. Or simply bunch them up into a nice, big white backdrop to your wedding's dessert table. Trust us, the possibilities are endless.  

Balloon colors that you can use: white, of course! But if you want to add a little flair and polish, pick a metallic color for your accent pieces— silver or gold are both excellent choices. 

A pastel balloon garland with blue, pink, yellow, and purple balloons under a pavillion.

3. Pastels Balloon Decor Color Palette

If you're looking for a palette that's soft, delicate but still has an edge to it, then you won't go wrong with pastel hues! 

Pastels are your perfect choice if you want your event's color scheme to look young and playful. It's the perfect match for a baby shower, and it can also make your wedding table look like a garden of flowers. 

Balloon colors that you can use: pink, lavender, lilac, yellow-green, with white as accent pieces. For something different but still on the soft side, consider blue or gray.

A peach, pink, and white balloon structure with a pink starburst balloon.

4. Pink Balloon Decor Color Palette

The color pink has been a hit for decades, and it's still going strong! This palette is perfect if you're planning an event that's girly and romantic.  It's suitable for sweet 16 parties, bridal showers, and even Valentine's Day dinners! 

Balloon colors that you can use: pinks of varying shades to create dimension. Make sure these are paired with lots of white balloons too! The more the better— they will help your balloon decor look bigger than life.

Another option: bright fuchsia or hot pink as main colors; then accentuate with purples (lavender shades), deep rose reds. 

A bright colored balloon wall with yellow, blue, purple, and pink balloons.

5. Colorful Balloon Decor Color Palette

If you're looking for a color palette that's extra vibrant, definitely go with this option! 

This is your best choice if you want to make an impact. Bold hues will always be eye-catching— especially when the balloons are suspended in midair. A colorful balloon decor color palette can also work well as an accent piece for a backdrop or just littered on the floor for a fun and playful vibe.  Now that's a party we certainly don't mind getting invited to!

Balloon colors that you can use: for this color palette, anything goes! It's perfect if you want to play around with different shades and hues. Just make sure the balloons are all in varying sizes—this adds more depth to your balloon decor. 

A blue, gold, and white balloon garland against a fireplace.

6. Sophisticated Blue Balloon Decor Color Palette

Talk about elegant! A blue balloon decor color palette is very refined and sophisticated. It's perfect for formal events like weddings or galas, but it can also work well as a serene backdrop to your dining table—think soft blues with some pops of silver, white, gold accents.  

Balloon colors that you can use: the sky is the limit! But to help you get started, we recommend a nice combination of light and dark blue hues. For something really sophisticated yet beautiful, why not choose midnight blue as your main color? Silver or gold are both excellent choices for accent pieces so don't be afraid to mix them in there too!

Another option: the color of choice for this palette is blue, of course! But this time, keep it muted and sophisticated by simply adding silver or white accents. 

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