5 Pointless Party Ideas for Your Next Get Together

As April showers turn to May flowers, and those warm spring winds begin to blow, people are itching to get out and make up for lost time. However, even though the world is slowly beginning to reopen, a lot of your usual bars, restaurants, and vacation destinations might not be fully there yet. So what can you do until then? Put a fun twist on your usual get-togethers and keep the party going yourself! Check out our five pointless parties ideas your entire friend group will love. 

Sushi & Sake Party

As much as we love pizza, there’s only so many times you can order in and split a couple pies with your friends, right? Keep that same food-lover energy and turn it into art by hosting a Sushi & Sake party! Give your friends all the ingredients for success, and let everyone make their own sushi.

Plate of Sushi in front of two friends at a dinner party

All you need to do is provide the rice, prepare the fillings, set up a rolling station, and make the salad, then let everyone roll to their heart’s content. Don’t worry if you’ve never made your own sushi before, this step-by-step guide has all the information and inspiration you need to ensure your night is a success.

Plates of sushi with hands grabbing food

DIY food not really your thing? No problem! Turn it into a potluck and have everyone bring sushi from their favorite restaurant and pass it around. And be sure to really set the scene with a black and white balloon tunnel leading to your front door to make your guests feel like they’re in their own supersized sushi roll!

three women grabbing sushi with chopsticks

Vision Board Party

Do you have big dreams that you just can’t contain anymore? Are you ready to take the first step into manifesting those dreams into reality? Then it sounds like you need a Vision Board Party!

A cup of black coffe in a mug that states "begin."

The concept is simple: you and your most ambitious friends get together and create a visualization of your goals. Grab some wine, talk about the future, open up some magazines, and spend an hour or two flipping through the pages and cutting out images and quotes that embody the future you want.

A Woman looking at a wall full of aspiring visions that she created at a vision board party

Everyone brings their own poster board, but you can also set up a communal table of snacks and supplies, accented with arching balloon garlands to draw people’s eye.

Two Friends flipping through a magazine, pointing at different images

By immersing yourself in a supportive, goal-driven group, you’ll create a physical vision board that will not only inspire you for years to come, but will remind you of your support system. 

Board Game Night

Kick it back to the tabletop with a classic board game night that might even make your friends forget to check their phones.

Friends playing a board game

The great thing about board games is that there’s something for everyone! You like strategy? Flex your green thumb with Photosynthesis.You like seeing how far you can stretch a good lie? Sheriff of Nottingham is your game. Just getting into board games? Settlers of Catan is the perfect introduction for newbies and veteran gamers alike. Want to get really meta?

Two remote controllers that two men are holding while playing a game at Game Night Party
A Woman smiling while playing cards with two friends at a Game Night Party

Try out Pandemic. For an extra competitive edge, turn the night into a tournament, and whoever wins the most games gets a secret prize picked out by you! It can be anything from a Starbucks gift card, to lottery tickets, to a nice bottle of champagne the victor can pop in celebration.

Two Friends playing a game at a Game Night Party

And don’t forget to set up a Winner’s Backdrop filled with balloons so the winner can document their victory across social media in style, and let everyone else create their own balloon hat for the losers to wear, kind of like a modern version of the dunce cap. 

Outdoor Picnic

Tired of staying indoors? We don’t blame you, which is why it’s time for you to pack a basket and prepare for a picnic in the great outdoors. This is the perfect idea for a double date, because you can all pack your own food but share it together.

Two friends at a park having a picnic and laughing

Find a nice shady area near you, maybe in a park or on a bench with a great view, and make a spread of your favorite foods. Cheeses, fruit, chocolate, seltzers, anything that screams relaxation.

A Group of Friends having a large Picnic Party
A Group of Friends having a large Picnic Party with the skyline behind them
A group of women at a park waving balloons

Really make it a special occasion by sprucing up your surroundings with elemental balloons and floral additions that celebrate your outdoors spirit. You could even bring a couple games from your last board game night to round out the trifecta: good food, good entertainment, good people. 

A Balloon Party

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a party with balloons.

Balloons covering the ceiling at a party

Embrace your inner child and add a pop of color to your usual Friday or Saturday night with theme night centered around these classic party decorations. Turn your living room into a balloon-ball bit. Test your hand at making some balloon animals and maybe unlock a hidden talent. You can even hide a prize in one of the balloons and see who can find it first - kind of like hiding a needle in a balloon stack (which we absolutely do not recommend!) We can’t think of a more pointless party, but we’re here for it.

Now you know! Balloon arches, table garlands, and balloon tunnels add a fun, Instagrammable backdrop that can make your pointless party one nobody will soon forget. Find out how else you can transport your parties with stunning balloon installations today!

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