5 Magical Event Spaces in Pittsburgh To Host Your Next Event

Find out how you can transform any venue into the perfect event getaway with Hudson Event Design’s stunning balloon installations today! Whatever your celebration calls for, Pittsburgh is an excellent city to plan your next event. With its rich culture and wide variety of venues, your party is sure to be one to remember. Check out our list of five venues we’re loving right now.

1. Pittsburgh Botanic Garden - Outdoor Wedding

Located in Oakdale, PA, Pittsburgh Botanic Garden provides a gorgeous natural backdrop for your next event. The event space is a renovated and modernized barn that was originally built in the 1870s and supplies a rustic, vintage feel with its stunning wooden interior. The spacious open area makes this the perfect spot for a dance floor or for mingling with your guests. You also have access to 60 acres of gardens and woodlands, perfect for enviable photo sessions.

A wedding venue with tables and chairs
A wedding ceremony in an outdoor venue

For evening events, you can take full advantage of their stone fireplace to add a cozy, intimate feel to your party. If you’re looking to add a personal touch and amp up the earthy, romantic atmosphere, consider adding floral-detailed balloon gardens to you entrance and throughout the event space.

A wedding venue with tables, chairs, and florals
A grand outdoor fireplace with florals

2. Sienna Mercato - Upscale Birthday Party

 For a truly magical party experience, host your birthday at Sienna Mercato in downtown Pittsburgh. Located on a spacious, sunlit rooftop, Sienna Mercato boasts delicious food and cocktails with the skyline as your backdrop.

Sienna Mercato restaurnant venue

The venue’s built-in strings of lights strewn above your head add a subtle fairytale aesthetic to your event that’s hard to replicate in other indoor venues, and you can even add star-shaped balloons to deepen that atmosphere even further. The open and airy atmosphere makes it an ideal choice for mingling among guests, and will make everyone want to stay even after last call.

Sienna Mercato rooftop overview

The biggest perk? Sienna Mercato is made up of three floors, each with a distinct vibe, so it’s sure to fit the need of any event. The first floor is the most casual of the three, with a focus on their unique meatball menu. The second floor is the more upscale pizza and wine joint. From there, just use the steps (or convenient elevator) to make your way to the rooftop beer garden. 

Tables and chairs at sienna mercato
Drinks clinking at Sienna Mercato

3. Spirit - Multi-Purpose Party

Spirit is a music and live event space that is a whopping 10,000+ square foot in size. Similarly to Sienna Mercato, there are three spaces to the venue, each with a different feel to perfectly fit your next bash.

Crowded room at Spirit full of people

The Hall, which is the top floor of Spirit, is ideal for large-scale parties with its spacious dance floor and tall stage. If you want a party that’ll get your guests itching to dance, The Hall is the right choice for you. There’s a newly installed sound system, along with a full bar and kitchen. If you’re looking for a more intimate feel (but still don’t want to miss out on dancing), The Lodge, located on the bottom floor of Spirit, has a small dance floor and direct access to the patio.

The Hall at Spirit decorated for a wedding
Tables, chairs, and decor at The Hall

For events being held in the warmer months, the rentable patio with a garden to add a pop of greenery to the party is the perfect locale. You might also consider adding colorful balloon towers scattered throughout this spacious venue to brighten up a lively party even more. 

Tables, chairs, and greenery under a tent

4. Carnegie Music Hall - Timeless Party

For a grand event that will enchant your guests and keep them talking about it for years to come, Carnegie Music Hall offers rentals for your next event.

Chairs set up in Carnegie Music Hall
Chairs and decor set up for a wedding at Carnegie Hall

The Music Hall Foyer has a 50-foot ceiling and gorgeous marble pillars from five different countries. A balcony overlooks the spacious area, adding an elegant touch to an already stunning venue. The Hall itself features crimson velvet seats, a charming stage, and impressive acoustics. If you want to dazzle your guests from the moment they step into your event, be sure to add a statement piece in your entrance, like a dramatic balloon archway.

Grand ceiling and chandelier at Carnegie Hall

5. Ace Hotel - Quirky/Themed Party

 Offering plenty of variety and a nostalgic atmosphere, Ace Hotel in East Liberty is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something more offbeat and unique.

Ace Hotel venue

The Gym is the largest of their three event spaces, and provides a throwback, sporty vibe with its open space. With a conveniently portable bar and a long table that adorns the center, this one-of-a kind event space is great for what we at Hudson Event Design love to call “parties without purpose.” For a more elegant event that still includes that retro feel, opt for The Ballroom to feel like you’ve been transported back to a dance floor in the 1920s.

For a really bold statement, incorporate gold-colored garlands in this dreamy ballroom. The final event space Ace Hotel offers is a small den called The No-No, which can fit 12 and is inspired by the 70s.

These five venues capture the spirit of our business and our love for memorable parties. No matter how big or small, all parties deserve a venue worth celebrating for, and our event designs are the cherry on top.

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Find out how you can transform any venue into the perfect event getaway with Hudson Event Design’s stunning balloon installations today!

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