2021 Popular Balloon Trends and Tips to Make Them Happen

The rise of 2020 and 2021 at-home parties has been at an extraordinarily high limit. With every new at-home party, the decorations have to be even more over the top to fill the void of missing having a lot of people at your party. Everyone is loving the balloons this year but with the rise of DIY, it can easily not make them look so grand. We are here to help and have captured a list to make sure your event is just as grand as the celebs!

Jumbo Tassel Balloons

Whether you are having 5 kids to 50 people at your event, Jumbo Tassel Balloons are a must! They are big enough to fill the space and can be customizable to fit your theme perfectly. When picking these out, aim for the bigger size balloons. 36 inch are the biggest you can really go. Stick with colors that match your theme perfectly. Try placing them at different heights to make your room look more grand and fun.

Statement Walls

If you didn't get a photo, were you even there? A designated photo session is a must-have! Sequin walls, Fringe walls, and Balloon Walls are our favorites! They can take the entire theme of the party and place it in one area. It makes for a very fun photo to add to your insta grid. Fringe walls are an easy DIY that with a little time and patience you can really make a statement. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to create them and make sure you have some secure tools to hang them. Command hooks will be your best friend!

Balloon Hallway

A long hallway to the event room, no problem! Go beyond one garland and transform your hallway for the most epic entrance you could dream of. With a good balloon hallway, it can be the kickoff to a party that you never thought you needed. YOu can even spice it up and use monochromatic color arches to make a cohesive vibe. 

Shaped Backdrops

For a more flexible design, adding a shape backdrop around the event could also create a photo session moment. Or even try placing the shape with some yummy treats! It will keep everyone's eye looking up and around the party. Don’t get trapped in just using a circle arch though! There are more shapes to play with and make your event look a little spicier.

Classic Garland

The garland should be a household name when planning a party. A garland can really make or break your party nowadays. You can get stuck with a DIY kit that does not have enough balloons and is too thin to get the point across. 2 options here, hire out or make the garland shorter but thicker. There is nothing worse than a thin and sad garland. Try a smaller and thicker one and placing in a corner to still get the party vibe across but in a classier way.

Helium Balloons

Helium-filled balloons have stood the test of time. There is nothing worse than a sad single helium balloon floating around to the ground. Try going up a size like 16 inches to fill the space a bit more. Also, try incorporating fun-themed balloons to tie in your theme. Another trick is using thinner or clear ribbons to not see all the balloons getting tied together. 

Balloon Centerpiece

Centerpieces were designed to draw attention and make a statement at the center of the table. A Small arrangement of balloons cannot make that statement. If you want to keep the balloon theme going, we suggest making it grand by having a long balloon garland going along the table and to the floor. Anything that really embodies creating a statement, not just throwing something together. 

At Hudson Event Design we like to stay on trend and enhance the look of your events. These tips are here to help you with planning your next event and making it as grand as possible!

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